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Maximum Purchase:
5 units

Product Overview

The Grover-Pro is our top range self-priming model.  Easy to use.  Fast and efficient. 

Features: The Grover-Pro is similar to our our base model, the Grover-Go, but has the additional feature of a flow metre which displays your flow rate while pumping and total volume of pumped per sample. 

Each Grover-Pro Kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Grover-Pro unit
  • 1 rugged field carry-case
  • 1 standard charger (for use in Australian/New Zealand outlets)
  • 4 x clear flexible 10mm hosing (length-80cm each)
  • 4 x Grover Tubing adaptors 
  • 1 x Protective Filter (not for use in eDNA work, but should be used when pumping water for any other use)
  • 2 x Grover pods (for potential use in eDNA filtering, fits standard 47 mm filter of choice)
    • Note-Alternatively, our Grovers can be used with many other alternate filterninng producs or cartridges1 x filter 

Note-USB Chargers coming standard on our Grovers soon! 

Pumping Rates:  approx 1 Litre/min* from full charge or approx .8 Litre/min at end of charge*Pumping rates vary dramatically due to a number of factors relating to your specific water sample like sediment load for example.  This rate is based on tap water. 

Charging & Run Time:

  • Your Grover will arrive with some charge but will need to fully charged before use. This should take approximately 3 hours. 
  • In terms of run time per charge.  Grovers run for about 45 minutes from a full charge.
  • Grovers should NOT be run continuously for more than 15 minutes at a time. After 15 minutes, switch them off for a quick 1-2 minute break and then resume use. 
  • Our Grovers are often used at a site and then given a top-up charge when travelling between sites. 

Here are a few other quick tips you might want to know about our Grovers:

Grovers are NOT a good swimmers!  They love the water but should always be used safely on shore or in a boat but never submerged or dunked in water.

Set up and Use

  • They have already had breakfast so whenever you use them, make sure to use some sort of filter or filter-pod with the unit at all times so they don’t get algae and other debris inside. If you do forget, contact our team for a quick service and we can get it fixed up in no time and back out to you.


  • Grovers are designed to use in your existing workflows so you will need to purchase consumables separately.
  • Our Grovers work with a range of other filtering consumables and products. Select the one that works best for your workflow. 
  • Two free Grover-pods are included with your purchase. Grover-pods use standard 47-mm diameter filters (purchased separately).

Clean Up and Decontamination between Sites

  • Grovers like a rinse with freshwater after use in the ocean or anywhere with salt water.
  • Some people are worried about spreading diseases like chytrid fungus between locations so to keep diseases from spreading.  Grovers can be decontaminated inside by running a 10% bleach solution continuously through me for 10 minutes.  MAKE SURE to finish off any cleaning you do with a fresh water rinse so the pump doesn't deteriorate or you don't spread bleach to the next waterway. 

White King Bleach tablets available from many supermarkets in Australia work well for remote area field-work as they don’t spill when travelling.

Other Info

  • Grovers have a 1-year limited warranty.  However, our team is keen to keep our Grovers out exploring the world as long as possible so if you have any issues or need a service, contact us as we are always here to help!
  • The brass fittings on your Grover will discolour with exposure to bleach or use in marine environments-this is expected and will not impact their use.

Keep in touch!

  • My family likes to keep up with my travels and is keen to hear about the amazing ways I am helping you create impact globally. If you take me to some great places, be sure to let them know and they might even get featured on the website


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