Product Overview

At Grover Scientific we are committed to creating scientific equipment that works for you! 

We want to enhance your time in the field, so you can filter water samples more efficiently and move away from a reliance on consumables.  Our mission is to support you as scientists and citizen scientists so you can create impact! Our Grovers can be used in a range of ways to create new eDNA workflows or within your existing eDNA workflows.  Here are some of the most common ways our Grovers are being used and some key design features:

For filtration at the field site

  • Our Grovers are lightweight and compact (1.8kg/4.1 lbs) so are easy to use for longer periods of time and can be easily carried if your field sites are remote or if you are tight on space for packing. 
  • Each Grover has a handle to make transport and on-site filtration easier (good for both stationary use or transects).  
  • Each Grover has an attachment point in their base so they can be fitted to any standard camera fitting tripod or base. This is key if your waterways require you to keep some distance between you and the water when sampling.  This is very important to us as many of our sites have crocodiles!  
  • Fast filtration rates.  Our Grovers pump large volumes of water quickly which means you can get to more done in a day or just have more time to enjoy that amazing field site you are at!
  • Grovers can be used as a direct replacement for plastic syringes allowing for larger volumes of water, reducing plastic waste, and eliminating the pain associated with repetitive sampling. 
  • Our Grovers can be adapted to be used with many types of eDNA consumables. Our customers use them with Sterivax and other eDNA filter housings.
  • Sampling in remote areas?  Check out our car/boat charger which allows you to take your Grover and move off the grid.   
  • We also have a solar-powered charger in development.  Contact us if you are keen to try it out.

For quick collection of water samples (even if you don’t use them to filter)

  • Some of our customers don’t want to filter on site but use their Grover to collect large volumes of water quickly and pool water collected for smaller sub-sampling.

As a direct replacement to filtration in the lab

  • Our Grovers can be used in labs that don’t have in-line vacuum lines
  • Some people get a series of Grovers set up in the lab for multiple filtering stations.  

We are keen to hear from you about what clever ways you are using your Grover!          Just keep in mind, our Grovers can’t swim and are NOT meant to be submerged.