USB Charging Cable

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Product Overview

Go Global with Grover! 

Take your fieldwork internationally with our new USB charging cable. These USB chargers are particularly good if you are doing field work in multiple countries which would require different power adaptors. 

These USB chargers are now included wth all of Grovers as a standard part of your order.  Customers with an older model Grover may want to purchase this USB charging cable for a new way to charge or you may just want a spare cord for your existing new Grover order. 

For our Australian and New Zealand customers you may also want to include a USB Quick Charge Power Adaptor to be able to charge your Grover from a wall outlet. 

Note-This USB charger only works with 4-pin Grover chargers (ie. units sold after 2020, see photo).  Some very early model Grover units have a 2-pin charger and this USB charger will NOT be compatible with your unit.  Contact us if you would like us to swap your existing Grover unit over to a 4-pin charging system. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review